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Min Invest: $25
Max Invest: Unlimited
Ref: Two Levels: 5% - 1%
Accept:Bitcoin litecoin dogecoin Ethereum bitcoincash tron usdt
Lifetime: 9 days
Added: Nov 15th, 2022
Withdrawal: Instant
LAST PAID: No Payouts
Min Withdrawal: $
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Plans: 100.05% - 102% after 1 Hour, 160% - 300% after 24 Hours
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About the project Who are we? Today, in a crisis, as never before, we observe the importance of preserving and increasing our capital. During the time of globalization, transcontinental business and epidemics, blockchain technology is that it literally affects with its activity, the Bitcoin course is at the mark $40 000. We are in Venus Cryptocurrency They always believed in the power of a modern blockchain, so for the past 7 years our team has been investing and studying this sphere. Passion, knowledge and money. During this time, in the role of investors, we managed to earn more $10 000 000, But in 2022 For a year, we felt that the conditions for attracting additional capital came. Simultaneously with our own investments in trading in crypto-foreign and mining, we have created a whole ecosystem capable of accumulating funds, small amounts of individuals (investors) into entire pools for profitable speculative transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as renting equipment mining.

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